The Wecker family has created here, wedged between the woods and vineyards above the village of Varnhalt, a pleasant outpost where one can eat and drink greatly. Either inside, or with pleasant weather on the terrace, you will enjoy great views across the RhineValley and well into the Alsace.

The type of cooking is best described as “Badische” with delightful specialties such as blackforest trout and zander fillets in autumn game and venison.

Main courses from 12 € and bottled wines around 15 € from nearby wineries.

See you on our menu page!

The kitchen is open from 12.00 to 21.00 hours. Closed day is Mondays.

If you like a table at one of the windows, you book early by telephone.


Our Menu:  



Consommé with stripes from stuffed pasta                4,00 €


Spicy Carrot Ginger Soup with Shrimp in potato     5,00 €


Appetizers and Salads


Mixed house salad                                                      4,50 €


Freshlettuce in a herb vinaigrette and
crisp baked shrimp rolls
                                             7,50 €


Salad Vegan:  herbs lettuce with

roasted strips of smoked tofu                                    10,90 €

small portion                                                              6,00 €

Large variation of salad with
roasted chicken breast, pepper salsa                        11,00 €


Salad "Röderswald"

cub’s of grilled salmon, baked stuffed

cheddar peppers*, marinated Feta cheese,
crisp lettuce and
Guacamole                                    12,00 €




Homemade crêpe gratin stuffed spicy
with vegetables, served with Guacamole
and a house salad on the side                                    11,00 €



Cannelloni stuffed with spinach and Ricotta
topped with tomatoes baked with Mozzarella
served with a house salad on the side                       11,00 €


Vegan dish

Grilled vegetables in a piquant green curry sauce
served with Basmati rice and a house salad on side 10,50 €




Black Forest trout boiled or fried in butter
with potatoes                                                           15,00 €

on request with horseradish in cream                     16,50 €



Filet of salmon trout boiled in Riesling on a
fish sauce with saffron and served with noodles      16,50 €



Pike-perch pan-fried with ham, served on
Riesling wine cooked Sauerkraut and
marjoram potatoes                                                    16,00 €




Lasagne Bolognaise Chef style baked
with Mozzarella cheese                                               9,00 €



Meatloaf stuffed with Swiss cheese piquant
tomato sauce and marjoram potatoes
                       10,00 €



"Leicht und fein"

Roasted chicken breast in a delicious

herb curry sauce refine with coco milk
and Basmati rice                                                       12,00 €



Boiled prime veal with horseradish-mustardsauce
served with noodles                                                  14,00 €



Grilled pork loin on a Mediterranean tomato

sauce and Feta cheese served with roast potatoes     14,00 €



Grilled pork filets on a cream sauce of
Badischem Apple Brandy served with
homemade Spätzle                                                    15,50 €



Grilled Rump steak of Argentine beef
with three kinds of butter
(pepper, herbs, café de Paris) and French fries         22,00 €


"Our Hamburger"

Hamburger with cheese , Guacamole ,
pepper salsa
and French fries                                    9,90 €


With the Entrees we offer a mixed house salad or
assorted mixed vegetables                                           4,50 €




Warm Apple Strudel with vanilla sauce

and with whipped cream                                            4,60 €


"Schokoladen Dreierlei"
Brownie, chocolate chip ice-cream, white
chocolat parfait and egg liquor                                 55,80 €



Chocolate Chip and Vanilla ice cream with
cherries, cherry liquor and whipped cream               5,50 €


Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries and

whipped cream                                                           5,50 € 

Small portion                                                             4,20 € 

 Variety of assorted cheeses                                           6,50 €


Vesper-Menu at 3 pm.


Swiss cheese sandwich served open faced
rich garnished                                                             5,80 €


(Black Forest) country cream cheese served

with mixed salad, bread and butter                            7,00 €


Salad from Lyoner sausage mixed with cheese

small salad garnish, bread and butter                        8,00 €


“Röderswald- Omelette with stuffed pasta and vegetables, served with a house salad on the side     11,80 €


Smoked Black Forest filet of trout with salad
garnished horseradish, whole weat toast and butter                                                                          9,50 €



Salad of boiled beef with a spicy cocktail sauce

garnished with mixed salad, bread and butter           9,60 €


Panfried breaded pork loin with a house salad
on the side and bread                                                10,80 €


Broiled rumpsteak of Argentine beef with
herb butter, a house salad on the side and bread      22,00 €



With pleasure we serve pan fried potatoes
to all mentioned dishes                                               4,50 €


Download our Menu:

English_Menu.pdf [ 137.1 KB ]






Tel. 07223/5628   


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